Why We Can...


Air and light kill taste. Cans are air tight, and light can’t get in! Cans today are coated inside with a liner, which protects the product from inheriting any foreign flavors or taste. The perception that canned beer has an aluminum taste comes from the days when the innovation of can liners was not yet being used. When the cans are seamed with a lid, they are double sealed vs. a bottle crown or cork.


Glass bottles weigh a lot more than aluminum cans do, which translates into lower shipping costs.


Cans are easier to store than bottles, so you’ll have more room in your facility to do what you do best. Also, retail displays require less space to showcase more of your product.


Aluminum transfers heat much faster than glass, so your customers can have a cold beverage faster! Plus cans can go anywhere like pools and boats where outdoor activities are not best suited for bottles.

Visual Appeal

You can print just about anything on a can to make it your own! The cost and versatility of printing on cans gives you a plethora of design options. Beer Dudes has turnkey packages available, and we can help facilitate the entire design process for you.


Recycling is huge, and the #1 recycled product in the world is aluminum cans. Aluminum is the only product that can be recycled over and over with a near 100% recovery. Bottles do not have the same ability. About 25% of recycled glass requires more new glass to make bottles. Most cans are almost 50% recycled material.