Wine Canning

Cans are not just for beer and soda anymore! It’s time to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of the benefits that cans have to offer winemakers.

Wine in cans?

For years, people have associated wine with bottles, but there are benefits to canning wine you may have never even imagined. Cans are convenient and provide a portable serving sized alternative to the traditional bottle. Consumers take them places a bottle can’t go, like to the pool or the golf course. Since cans are more lightweight than glass, the cost of shipping is reduced. Don’t forget to add a win for the environment because aluminum cans are 100% recyclable!

What we offer...
  • Flat fee filling service pricing (includes date coding)
  • Polymer lining to protect the distinct taste of your wine
  • Premier Wild Goose Mobile Canning Line with the ability to add inline Liquid Nitrogen for still wines.
  • Affordable shrink sleeve can options with help facilitating design services
  • Flexible scheduling at your convenience and online booking
  • Experts in canning – we are your partner in success!