Can on Demand

Custom cans are a hot trend for business events, weddings, shows, or for promoting a special brew. So what do you do when you need custom cans but you are not ready to commit to the large quantities most canning lines require? Call Beer Dudes and ask about our Can on Demand Program with shrink sleeved cans! We’ve got you covered! It’s simple. You choose the quantity, and your customized labels are applied to blank aluminum cans and delivered for the canning process.

Can on Demand Gives You Versatility!

If you are looking for cost savings and versatility in labeling, Beer Dudes is your answer. Let’s take a look at how the Beer Dudes can on demand program compares to traditional packaging…

Painted Cans:
  • Can labels are painted on the cans prior to canning
  • Cans are purchased by the truckload
  • A truckload is 8,000 cases
  • Pricing runs about $0.12/can
  • With a minimum order of 8,000 cases, that puts your minimum cost at around $21,120
  • You’ll need lots of storage space, even for the smallest order
  • Just think…if a brewery wants to buy painted cans for 4 or 5 brands, that is one big check to write!
Typical Shrink Can Provider:
  • Plastic can labels are applied using a heat shrink process
  • Cans are purchased by the pallet
  • A pallet is about 270 cases
  • Pricing runs from $0.26-$0.30/can for 12oz cans
  • With a minimum order of 270 cases, be prepared to spend at least $1620-$20000 for heat shrink labeled cans
BEER DUDES Shrink Cans:
  • You choose how many rows of cans you want (minimums apply)
  • Multiple sizes available (12, 16, 19.2, 187ml, 250ml and 375ml)
  • You determine the design and purchase the labels in advance
  • Beer Dudes can bring your cans with us to fill.
  • Warehousing is available
  • We offer can on demand for Nitrogen beer, wine, and cold brew coffee too!