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We operate multiple canning lines across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and now Missouri.  Our can filling fees are based on distance from Denton, TX and what we must provide vs. you provide.  We have one fee if you provide the lid, Ball, Crown or Ardah, LOE B64 or if we do.  To request a date, please use the drop down below to see the current schedule available.  All dates submitted are requests only, we prefer all customers to use this tool for booking, not all do and we keep a “Master Schedule” not on our site.  We will do everything possible to accommodate your request and our schedule fills quickly and we’re typically about two to three weeks booked out in advance.  When we arrive all products are to be in a “finished” state and ready to package.  Delays due to mixing, transferring, carbing or finishing may be billed as a wait charge of $150 an hour.  If you have questions about carbonation and temperatures please contact us ASAP.  We prefer beer to be a 2.5 carb and 33 degrees, any variations in this create canning issues.


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