Beer Dudes Mobile Canning FAQ’s

What is required of my facility to use Beer Dudes Mobile Canning?

We will provide a requirements document but the basics are two 110v non GFCI 15 amp plugs.  If we need to bring an air compressor, then we need 230v 15 or 20 amp service.

How much space will the canning line need?

We request 10’ x 30’ space but can fit in much smaller spaces.

How do I book the canning line?

Please reach out to and someone will be happy to help you get on the schedule of one of our canning lines.

What kinds of products do you can?

We primarily can alcohol based beverages but will can anything that meets our sterility requirements.  No Kombucha, no wild fermented beers, and no sarsaparilla root beers.

Do you have facilities to can within?

Soon!  We are in the process of building a co-packing facility at our new location in Denton, TX.  This will allow customers to make their beverage at our location and package it.

What size brite cans do you supply?

We currently have the ability to package 211 and 202 slim body cans, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 19.2oz in 211 body and 187ml

What is the minimum case amount?

15 barrels for beer, 500 gallons for wine, or a minimum day fee depending on the distance.

Do you label the cans?

We are a full-service provider for all types of cans.  Our primary can is a shrink sleeved can but do offer brite cans and labels, we do not have an inline labeling solution available any longer.

What will it cost me?

Our pricing structure is a tier-based or a day minimum charge.  The more you can the lower the costs.

Are you able to can Nitro beer?

Yes!  We do own and use a Liquid Nitrogen Doser.