The Mobile Canning Advantage

Most breweries / craft producers want to offer their product in cans but are not sure how to do it. Once the decision has been made, companies quickly realize the significant financial, operational, logistical and time consuming obstacles that come with packaging. Beer Dudes Mobile Canning removes all of these obstacles and provides the equipment, personnel, supplies, and knowledge to help you realize your packaging goals quickly and cost effectively.

Yes, We Can...

Save You Money on Packaging

THE CHALLENGE: Purchasing a canning line is no small task and can be burdensome on a craft producer. Starting prices are around $150,000 and up to $1,000,000. For most craft producers, spending the capital for equipment to be used four days a month is not feasible.

BEER DUDES SOLUTION: We bring state-of-the-art mobile canning equipment to package your product while you can focus on growing in more efficient ways! From getting your product in a can to making sure the packaging looks great on display, our turnkey solution will save you money.

Ease Operational Issues

THE CHALLENGE: Adding an in-house packaging program requires more staff and training or cross training for existing employees. Canning lines also take up floor space, need weekly and monthly maintenance, and are expensive to repair.

BEER DUDES SOLUTION: Beer Dude Mobile Canning brings our professional staff with the knowledge and experience for a smooth day of canning with minimal product loss. We hate loss and have watched several gallons, if not barrels, go down the drain with other vendors.

Help with Market Growth

THE CHALLENGE: Many breweries are limited to keg sales and growler fills in their tap room, or have excess capacity with no way to use it.

BEER DUDES SOLUTION: Beer Dudes Mobile Canning creates an easy path to grow your operation and reach new markets! Canning creates a simple pathway for any craft producer to move beyond kegs or bottles and find new customers easily.

Offer Lower Minimum Orders

THE CHALLENGE: A basic order of cans will cost a brewery about $15,000 and require a massive amount of storage space. This is only for the cans! Ends (tops) are sold separately and come only by the pallet of 351,000. You still need 6-pack holders, case trays or boxes (which also have their own massive minimum order requirements)…plus storage space.

BEER DUDES SOLUTION: Beer Dudes has partnered with small quantity can sourcing companies using a heat shrink label with much smaller order requirements. Can ends (lids) are also included in our canning service. We never charge extra for lids! We also have case trays and 6-pack holders you may purchase by the piece.

Eliminate Hidden Fees and Price Tiers

THE CHALLENGE: We all hate hidden fees and want the “best price.” Other mobile canning companies may promise great prices up front but then change an additional fee for small quantities or have “up sell” charges like printing a date code on the bottom of the can.

BEER DUDES SOLUTION: We don’t use tier based pricing, and we only have one price (based on distance) that includes date coding, so everyone gets the best possible price! Yes, we like to run 400 or more cases per day and day minimums are in place. If you want larger quantities, we can run up to 1,000 cases in a day.