Soda & Seltzer Canning

Beer Dudes Mobile Canning is not just for beer. We are experts in the canning process. Whether you are canning soda, seltzer water, beer, or wine, we are your mobile canning solution!

No Minimum Orders!

Have you been discouraged by the outrageous cost of canning soda or seltzer? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of having to commit to a $20,000+ order to get your product packaged? Chin up! Beer Dudes Mobile Canning is here for you. The good news is that we can can your soda or seltzer with low minimum order requirements and no hidden fees. If you’ve thought about trying to bring the canning process in-house, save yourself the space and money with our canning service. Beer Dudes will roll up in our mobile factory whenever you need us and let all of your worries float away like CO2 bubbles.

What we offer...
  • Flat fee pricing for filling service (includes date coding)
  • Low minimum orders & no hidden fees
  • Affordable shrink sleeve options with help facilitating design services
  • Flexible scheduling at your convenience and online booking
  • Premier Wild Goose Mobile Canning Line with inline carbonation
  • Experts in canning – we are your partner in success!